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09/15/2014 Antibiotic Resistance and How it Affects Your Pet  
09/05/2014 2015 Convention Preliminary Program  
09/05/2014 2015 Convention exhibitors  
08/26/2014 The World of Feline Resistance  
08/18/2014 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for Veterinary Use - Position Statement  
07/21/2014 NCAC Recognized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Products – Updated July 2014  
06/26/2014 Tips for Summer Safety  
05/12/2014 Flea and Tick Products Can Be Toxic to Cats  
04/23/2014 Canadian Standards of Care in Animal Shelters: Supporting ASV Guidelines  
03/18/2014 Substantive Changes Report  
01/29/2014 AAFP’s Ten Solutions to Increase Cat Visits American Association of Feline Practitioners
01/27/2014 Cosmetic Alteration – Position Statement  
12/06/2013 2014 CVMA Convention - Sponsor and Exhibitor Package  
11/26/2013 Dogs Get Cold Feet in Winter Too!  
11/15/2013 Caution: Jerky Treats  
10/04/2013 Keeping Canadian Pets Healthy

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association encourages Canadian pet owners to discuss healthcare options with their veterinarian and work together to make decisions that suit their budget and are in line with the level of care the owner expects.

09/17/2013 Lyme Disease  
09/16/2013 Obesity Poses Serious Health Hazards to Pets  
04/01/2013 The Animal Health and Welfare Consequences of Foie Gras Production

Canadian Veterinary Journal - April 2013

Dr. Warren Skippon
03/20/2013 Tail Alteration of Horses – Position Statement  
03/13/2013 Electroejaculation of Ruminants – Position Statement  
12/17/2012 Pet Safety During the Holiday Season  
12/07/2012 Chronic Care of the Ill Pet at Home  
12/07/2012 Post Surgery Healing Problems  
12/07/2012 Close Clipping of the Hair Coat Removes Natural Insulation  
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