2018 National Tick Awareness Month Q&A Videos

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), in partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company, has developed a series of Question & Answer videos to address the most popular tick-related questions that were identified in last year's tick awareness campaign. 

Dr. Scott Stevenson, BMSc, MSc, DVM, is featured in our, "What do you really know about ticks?" series, answering the top tick-related questions.

View the videos below, and download them to share in your waiting rooms or on your social media platforms, to help educate your clients about tick issues in Canada. 

Watch this video series on our CVMA YouTube playlist here:

You can view all of CVMA's videos on our YouTube channel here:

Video #1

What does a tick look like? 

Video #2

Should I check my pet for ticks?

Video #3

What about "natural" tick control products?

Video #4

How do I find out what preventative is best for my pet?

Video #5

Where can my pet get ticks?

Video #6

Is my dog or cat at risk for ticks in my own back yard?

Video #7

What is the best way to remove a tick?

Video #8

Do cats get ticks?

Video #9

What are the signs of Lyme Disease in my dog?

Video #10

What are the common tick species that we find on dogs and cats in Canada?

Video #11

How do ticks develop from eggs into adults?

Video #12

When are ticks active?