CVMA | Life Membership

CVMA Life Membership

Life Membership is presented to a CVMA member for long and outstanding service on CVMA Council, Executive, Boards, and Committees or for outstanding contributions to the veterinary profession. The Life Member is presented with a framed certificate and shall be invited to attend meetings of the association, and shall not be liable to pay dues, but shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership.

2019: Dr. Jim Brackett

2018: Dr. Carlton Gyles (view photo)

2017: Dr. Jeanne Lofstedt (view photo)

2016: Dr. Bernhard Pukay (view photo)

Past Recipients

  • Dr. K. Ross Ainslie (deceased)
  • Dr. Jim Archibald (deceased)
  • Dr. Armitage
  • Dr. Donald Barnum
  • Dr. Chris H. Bigland (deceased)
  • Dr. William Brack (deceased)
  • Dr. Joan Budd (deceased)
  • Dr. Raymond Butler
  • Dr. Robert Curtis
  • Dr. Roderick Davies
  • Dr. Laszlo De Roth (view photo)
  • Dr. George Fisher (deceased)
  • Dr. Maurice Foster (deceased)
  • Dr. Julius Frank (deceased)
  • Dr. Peter Fretz (view photo)
  • Dr. H.-P. Girouard (deceased)
  • Dr. Paul Greenough (deceased)
  • Dr. Carlton Gyles
  • Dr. Gavin Hamilton
  • Dr. E.E. Hancock (deceased)
  • Dr. Doug Hare (deceased)
  • Dr. J.A. Henderson
  • Dr. Bruce Holliday
  • Dr. Thomas Hulland (deceased)
  • Dr. James Hutchison (deceased)
  • Dr. Albert Ings
  • Dr. George Irving
  • Dr. J.M. Isa (deceased)
  • Dr. Trevor Jones (deceased)
  • Dr. André Lagacé
  • Dr. Duane Landals
  • Dr. Conrad L'Écuyer (view photo)
  • Dr. Pearce Louisy
  • Dr. Donald MacDonald
  • Dr. Clayton Mackay
  • Dr. Edward J. McCall (view photo)
  • Dr. R.H. Mears (deceased)
  • Dr. Alan H. Meek (view photo)
  • Dr. Robert Miller (deceased)
  • Dr. Myron Mills
  • Dr. N.O. Nielsen
  • Dr. Timothy Ogilvie
  • Dr. Jean Piérard
  • Dr. Bernhard Pukay (view photo)
  • Dr. Otto Radostits (deceased)
  • Dr. Byrnne Rothwell (view photo)
  • Dr. H.C. Rowsell (deceased)
  • Dr. Tom A. Sanderson
  • Dr. Gerald Sheehy (deceased)
  • Dr. Alton Smith
  • Dr. Robert (Bert) Stevenson (view photo)
  • Dr. Reginald G. Thomson (deceased)
  • Dr. W.C. Weir
  • Dr. Russell Willoughby
  • Dr. Herb Wright
  • Dr. Bryan Wurtz (view photo)