The statistics presented here are based on information contained in the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association database. The information is compiled by the CVMA based on data collected by provincial veterinary medical associations and the CVMA itself.

Veterinary Demographics (2017)

Approximate number of veterinarians in Canada: 14,345

Breakdown by gender:
Female: 8,018
Male: 6,327

Breakdown by province:
Alberta: 2,002
British Columbia: 1,693
Manitoba: 490
New Brunswick: 314
Newfoundland and Labrador: 115
Nova Scotia: 408
Prince Edward Island: 317
Ontario: 5,302
Quebec: 2,926
Saskatchewan: 746
Territories: 32


Approximate number of practices in Canada: 3,240


Approximate number of pets living in Canadian households

Cats: 8.8 million
Dogs: 7.6 million

(Source: A 2016 survey of Canadians conducted by Kynetec on behalf of the Canadian Animal Health Institute)