Award Nomination Guidelines

Award Nomination Guidelines

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has created the following guidelines to assist you with the supporting documents you should submit along with the award nomination form (Word Document).

Outline of Nominee’s Key Professional Accomplishments

This document is a summary of the nominee’s accomplishments that make them an ideal candidate for a CVMA Award. It should be thorough enough to allow CVMA awards committee to fully evaluate the nomination.

  • Document length; maximum of 1000 words.
  • Include only information that pertains to why the nominee would be a good candidate for the award.
  • Do not include letters of support, newspaper articles or published articles in this document as they will be included under their own heading.

Letters of Support

  • Maximum of five letters of support accepted.
  • Each letter is not to exceed 500 words.

Newspaper Articles (if applicable)

  • Include a maximum of two articles written within the last two years.

Published Articles Written by the Nominee (if applicable)

  • Provide web links to no more than three applicable articles.

Award Eligibility

  • All nominees must be a current CVMA member.
  • Candidates for CVMA awards may be nominated by non-CVMA members.

CVMA awards are national prestigious awards. Please ensure all information provided with the application is as factual as possible.

Award Selection Process

The selection of award recipients is based solely on the information provided in the nomination package. Award recipients are approved during the spring CVMA Council meeting. CVMA Executive and Council members review each submission, weighing candidates’ skills and history in relation to the merits of the award. The candidate who best meets this criteria is chosen as the recipient. A written confirmation will be sent to recipients and nominators will be notified.

Please send your nominations to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, 339 Booth St., Ottawa, ON K1R 7K1; by email at; or by fax at (613) 236-9681.