CVMA | Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research Past Issues

Past IssuesApril 2021, Vol. 85, No. 2

Classification of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in Ontario using Bayesian phylogenetics and assessment of temporal trends

Dylan John Melmer, Robert Friendship, Terri L. O’Sullivan, Amy L. Greer, Dinko Novosel, Davor Ojkic, Zvonimir Poljak (page 83)

A comparative efficacy test of 1 versus 2 doses of CIRCOQ PCV2 subunit vaccine against naturally occurring PCV2-type d in piglets with high maternally derived antibodies (MDAs) on a Vietnamese swine farm

Duy Tien Do , Khanh Doan Vinh Tran, Anh Tuyet Quach , David Lee, Frank CJ Chang, Carol PY Wu, Toan Nguyen Tat, Chanhee Chae (page 93)

Impact of meloxicam on respiratory virus titers and health outcomes when administered concurrently with a modified live respiratory vaccine in abruptly weaned beef steers

Elizabeth R. Homerosky, Michael J. Jelinski, Craig Dorin (page 101)

Pre-warming following premedication limits hypothermia before and during anesthesia in Sprague-Dawley rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Maxime Rufiange, Vivian S.Y. Leung, Keith Simpson, Daniel S.J. Pang (page 106)

Impact of selected individual dog traits on echocardiographic parameters obtained in 1-dimensional (M-mode) and 2-dimensional (2D) imaging

Oktawia Szpinda, Marta Parzeniecka-Jaworska, Michal Jank, Magdalena Garncarz, Michal Czopowicz (page 112)

A genome-wide analysis of cardiac lesions of pigs that die during transport: Is heart failure of in-transit-loss pigs associated with a heritable cardiomyopathy?

Katherine Zurbrigg, Francesca Bertolini, Muhammed Walugembe, Toni van Dreumel, David Alves, Robert Friendship, Terri L. O’Sullivan, Max F. Rothschild (page 119)

Effects of head position on internal and external carotid pressures in standing sedated horses

Stacy R. Caffey, Caleb M. Lund, Kelly D. Farnsworth, Boel A. Fransson, Claude A. Ragle (page 127)

Retrospective analysis of use of fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography/computed tomography (18F-FDG PET/CT) for detection of metastatic lymph nodes in dogs diagnosed with appendicular osteosarcoma

Powell T. Slinkard, Elissa K. Randall, Lynn R. Griffin (page 131)

Assessment of neutrophil function in canine cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and correlation with neutrophil numbers

Arefeh Ravanbakhsh, Khawaja Ashfaque Ahmed, Valerie MacDonald-Dickinson, Nicole J. Fernandez, Melissa D. Meachem, Ryan M. Dickinson (page 137)

Development of a SYBR Green-based real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay to detect enzootic nasal tumor virus in goats

Rongze He, Yulan Du, Linli Gan, Muhammad Ali Mohsin, Bao-Xiang He (page 145)

Comparison of the bacteriostatic effects of quaternary ammonium compounds and their combinations on a dairy farm environment and the microbial contamination of dairy products

Nannan Chen, Shanshan Liu, Yu Liu, Tongtong Bai, Lihua Jia, Li Wang, Shan Yue, Chenhua Wu, Wenjing Huang, Li Gao, Jinlei Fu, Siyu Liu, Tong Zhao, Juan Li, Yuntao Zhang, Zhanbo Zhu (page 151)

Preliminary study of urinary excretion of liver-type fatty acid-binding protein in a cat model of chronic kidney disease

Akiko Watanabe, Keiichi Ohata, Tsuyoshi Oikawa, Takeshi Sugaya, Masao Miyazaki, Hiroshi Satoh, Masaaki Katayama (page 156)