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Feeding Goldfish

October 24, 2012

Feeding goldfish while an owner is away can be done in two ways. Having a friend or neighbour come over and continue to feed fish according to the usual routine is ideal. This way, fish can be monitored and if any problems arise, no delay in care will occur.

The other way to proceed is to drop in a feeding puck. The puck slowly dissolves into the water and releases nutrients to the fish. Different sizes can be purchased; two day, three day etc. Upon return from holidays, if any of the puck is still not dissolved, it should be removed from the fish tank. Most puck products recommend removing about a third of the water in the fish tank, and replacing it with fresh, de-chlorinated water at room temperature. This removes most of the dissolved nutrient product. It is not a bad idea to change the water completely after using this type of product once everyone is settled in after the holiday.

Leaving enough fish flakes in the tank (or bowl) to last three days is NOT recommended because the excess food will spoil and leave a mess. Being in a tank with an excess of food is not good for a fish. Once the excess food that was not consumed in the first meal has been in the tank for a while, a fish will not consume it and will be hungry after all.

Your veterinarian can offer advice or refer you to excellent references on goldfish care.