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Key Updates for Veterinary Drug Stakeholders

March 24, 2021

Dear Stakeholder,

I am pleased to share the following updates with you on a number of new projects and improvements recently launched related to veterinary drugs. 

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

1) Veterinary antimicrobial sales reporting (VASR)

We have now published the 2018 Veterinary Antimicrobial Sales Highlights Report, which reflects the first year of sales data submitted through the VASR system. This is part of the Federal Government’s commitment to combating AMR, and these data will help inform our ongoing antimicrobial surveillance, stewardship, and responsible use initiatives to reduce the use of antimicrobials and to promote their responsible use when they are needed. Going forward, the VASR system findings will be published by the Public Health Agency of Canada as part of its annual surveillance reporting.

2) Pilot project: Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) in livestock feed

In collaboration with CFIA, and further to the January notice to industry about the pilot project to allow livestock feeds to include a limited number of VHPs, an updated notice has been published. Read the March notice to industry to learn more about which VHPs may be added to livestock feed as well as implementation details of the pilot project.

Regulatory update

3) Regulatory innovation for health products

Health Canada is continuously looking ahead to understand the future drivers that will require us to adapt as a regulator. We need agile regulatory approaches to support access to innovative health products/technologies, while continuing to protect the safety of Canadians. Refer to the Regulatory innovation for health products webpage to be kept informed of initiatives that also support veterinary drug innovation, such as Agile licensing for drugs. Additionally, Health Canada has updated its Forward Regulatory Plan (FRP): 2020-2022, which lists planned or anticipated regulatory changes/initiatives. Refer here to learn more about Health Canada’s regulatory initiatives, such as the Use of foreign decisions pathway.

Submission management updates

4) Drug Product Database (DPD)

We have implemented changes to the Drug Product Database, which is where you can search for approved veterinary drugs in Canada, including viewing their labels. You are now able to search products by species, which will help you find out which drugs are available for particular animals.

5) Annual updates to fee forms

The annual updates to the Veterinary Drug Submission Application and Fee Form and Emergency Drug Release Fee Form are now available for use in advance of the official April 1, 2021 effective date. Refer here to access the forms.

Thank you for your continued engagement and input, and we will continue to keep you informed of our activities.

Marilena Bassi
Director General
Veterinary Drugs Directorate