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Proper Diet and Nutrition for Rabbits

October 24, 2012

Many rabbit owners and pet caregivers often have questions regarding the proper dietary and nutritional requirements of a rabbit. A proper diet can increase the overall health and quality of life of your rabbit. However, this is an area surrounded by many misconceptions and inaccuracies. To aid in promoting the health and well-being of rabbits everywhere, the Healthy Rabbit Association of Nova Scotia has compiled a list of do's and don'ts.

Do Feed your Rabbit:

  • An unlimited amount of good quality timothy or other grass hay
  • Fresh water
  • Pellets (in measured quantities according to your rabbit’s requirements)
  • Grass from your lawn (if untreated with fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Dandelions and their greens
  • Fresh greens (in small amounts), romaine lettuce, kale, carrot tops, and herbs such as parsley

Don’t Feed your Rabbit:

  • Any processed foods such as potato chips, corn chips, popcorn, crackers, or cookies
  • High carbohydrates or sugars such as bread, oats and other grains, rice, fruits, nuts, and breakfast cereals
  • Any processed treats made for rabbits such as honey sticks, donuts or mixed nuts and seeds
  • Drinks made for human consumption such as milk, cream, or fruit juices

Source: The Healthy Rabbit Association of Nova Scotia (2012)