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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

October 29, 2014

Most cats have an aversion to getting wet and there really isn’t a scientific explanation. 

One reason for the aversion may have something to do with the fact that the feline species evolved in arid desert climates. Throughout their early history, cats were not exposed to rivers, lakes and rain and as a result were not as familiar with water as some other evolving species. It’s a fact that a cat’s urine is more concentrated than that of humans or dogs because of their arid land origins. This has helped cats conserve body water during dry spells!

Maybe cats steer clear of water to avoid messing their “do”! Cats are fastidious about their hair coats, spending a third of their waking hours grooming! If you are familiar with cats, you know that if they get any moisture, dirt or foreign material in their coat, they will groom until every single hair is shiny and back in place; only when they are convinced that their hairdo is back on track, will they settle in for a snooze on your favorite couch. If you look at your cat’s expression during a kitty bath, you will note from the disdainful glare that most cats despise being sopping wet. 

This is not the case for all cats, some of them do like water, and others even swim! 

The Turkish Van is the most famous water-loving breed of cat. These cats evolved around Lake Van in Turkey and have always been reported to be swimming cats. These days, you may find them in your swimming pool or tub! Not all Turkish Van cats love water but some of them definitely relish a dip, especially on a hot day.

Cats of many breeds are also known to enjoy playing with the water running out of the faucet, or joining their caregiver in the shower for a misting. This goes to prove that there are plenty of cats at least like to dabble in the stuff!