CVMA | International Student Affiliate Program

International Student Affiliate Program


Did you know the CVMA offers an International Student Affiliate Program?

One of CVMA's mandates is to continue to develop and strengthen the relationship with International Student Affiliates. In order to achieve this, the CVMA designed a membership program extending to all students enrolled in an AVMA-COE accredited veterinary school the opportunity to join the CVMA International Student Affiliate Membership Program and benefit from being a member of Canada’s national veterinary medical association.  

The CVMA understands there are students interested in completing their final-year rotations in Canada and/or considering practicing in Canada after graduation. Being a CVMA Student Affiliate Member exposes students to Canada’s national veterinary professional association and all its offerings for the low annual membership cost of $10 (CND).

Currently, over 70 students from four International schools including, Massey University College of Sciences, University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh and St. George’s University are members of this exciting program.  To read about all the benefits this program offers, simply click here.


The program is simple.  

  1. International students interested in the Student Affiliate program will make a request through their respective college. Registrant information and collection of annual fees are coordinated by the appointed college representative and remitted to CVMA upon confirmation of enrollment.
  2. The student will provide the following information to the college representative responsible for coordinating affiliation requests; first name, last name, email address, language preference (EN or FR), anticipated graduation year and school of graduation along with the $10 (CDN) membership fee.  The annual fee is for a 12-month period, January to December. Student affiliate status expires December 31, unless renewal for next period is received by CVMA by December 10.
  3. The college coordinator will provide CVMA with a list of student affiliate graduates so that complimentary full CVMA membership can be extended for the remainder of their graduation year to those eligible (complimentary membership to expire on December 31 of the graduation year).
  4. If your school does not have a college representative, the CVMA will accept individual membership and will be approved with proof from your educational institution.    

And there's even more benefits once students graduate! 

  1. Each graduating student will receive a FREE CVMA membership granting access to all benefits (only until December 31 of the year the student graduated in).  Once this offer expires, and if the student maintains uninterrupted membership after graduation for a consecutive 3-year period, they are eligible for the 75%-50%-25% tiered fee reduction. 
  2. Recent graduates who become members of the Association the year following graduation and who maintain their active CVMA membership for three consecutive years after graduation will receive a Continuing Education voucher in a package mailout.  This can be used for a complimentary general registration for one future CVMA convention. To request a voucher, please email