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VetRap Annual Newsletter

Welcome letter from SCVMA President, Audrey Roy (FMV), 2019

True to form, the 2019 VetRap edition collects articles and stories from Canadian veterinary students aiming to bring closer together our national and international student community. Many thanks to everyone who generously shared their projects, experiences and passion.

No matter where they are, Canadian veterinary students’ active involvement is inspiring and the SCVMA committee is proud to shine a spotlight on a few examples. To promote and strengthen the bonds that hold us as future veterinarians and animal health professionals is one of the SCVMA committee main objectives. Each of the five veterinary colleges across the country is represented on the student committee, which in turn reports directly to the CVMA council to assert all its members ideas and opinions. I therefore call on all my fellow students to take part in the SCVMA events held on their campuses throughout the year; meet influent and engaged members of our Canadian veterinary medicine community and find out how the CVMA can support you as a veterinary student and, ultimately, through your early career.

Feel free to contact me or your SCVMA representative with any questions or comments. Thanks to your feedback, we, Canadian veterinary students, can pride ourselves on taking part in the continuous growth of our wonderful profession. Emma (AVC), Meredith (OVC), Rachel (UCVM) and Vanessa (WCVM) join me in wishing everyone of you a fulfilling and adventurous year.

We hope to see many of you at the 2020 SCVMA Symposium, which will be held in Saskatoon next January!


Audrey Roy , SCVMA president FMV Class of 2022


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