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A Warm Welcome From Our SCVMA President!

On behalf of the SCVMA, I would like to wish a warm welcome/une chaleureuse bienvenue to returning students and to first year students who are beginning their vet school journey. I would also like to congratulate the Class of 2020 for all of their hard work over the last few years and for overcoming the challenges that the past months have brought us.

The VetRap annual newsletter is a platform for students from across Canada to showcase their experiences and to share their opinions, giving a glimpse into student life. A huge thank you goes out to those who shared their articles and made the 2020 edition of VetRap possible.

I am excited to share that the SCVMA will be offering the same learning opportunities as in previous years, with some creativity, of course. We will be hosting the One Voice presentation featuring a discussion on providing veterinary care to Indigenous communities. The Ontario Veterinary College is in the process of planning a virtual Symposium 2021 for students to attend. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @scvma.eacmv and on our Facebook page @studentsoftheCVMA to stay up-to-date with upcoming activities!

The SCVMA is a committee composed of student representatives from each of the five Canadian veterinary colleges. We work directly with the CVMA to meet students’ needs and to bring together the veterinary student community by hosting educational events that allow for networking with future colleagues. We are always looking for feedback in order to improve our ability to support students. If you have any suggestions or concerns over the year please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to any of our other student representatives: Katie McQueen (AVC), Charlotte Nury (FMV), Peyton Tam (OVC) and Kelcey King (UCVM).

I very much look forward to working with this wonderful group over the next year! Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful school year!

Svetlana Ponsin SCVMA
WCVM Class of 2022

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