Mental Health Webinars

Time to Talk Vet Mental HealthWhile one in five Canadian veterinarians and technologists have reported suicide ideation, burnout, and depression, most will be cautious about talking to a co-worker, friend, or family member about it. They are even less likely to adopt self-care strategies or seek professional help. And while some members of the veterinary profession may not experience mental illness first-hand, it is likely they know someone who has or will experience mental illness.

Merck Animal Health and the CVMA are leading the way to start open and honest conversations about mental health in the veterinary community, help breakdown stigma, and create a community where members look out for and help one another.



It's Time to Talk about Mental Health in Veterinary Medicine

Bell Let's Talk Day is January 29, 2020. The annual Bell Let's Talk awareness campaign is driving the national conversation to help reduce the stigma around mental health and promote awareness and understanding of mental health. Join us for a one-hour conversation on this occasion.

Join other veterinary professionals across Canada in this webinar to learn about:

  • Mental health and mental illness and how it is OK to have both
  • Signs and symptoms of common mental illness and the prevalence in veterinary medicine
  • How stigma gets in the way of getting help and being helpful
  • Where to get help in your local community

January 29, 2020 at 12 p.m. EST

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Keil

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It’s OK to Talk about Emotions: Finding your Emotional Comfort Zone in your Veterinary Work

Watch the recorded webinar here or below.

Euthanasia is an intensely emotional experience for everyone. As veterinary professionals you might have experienced a mix of emotions around euthanasia, maybe grief or fear or anger or pride or joy. Dr. David Hannah, at Simon Fraser University in B.C. is leading some fascinating and eye-opening research around one’s personal comfort zone at euthanasia.

Watch this webinar to hear Dr. Hannah explain what a comfort zone is, how we can be more aware of the zone and its facilitators and hindrances, and do your veterinary work, especially euthanasia and other intense work, more effectively and sustainably. This webinar is the second in a series of webinars of the Time to Talk about Veterinary Mental Health” Merck-CVMA initiative. The vision to come together as a community and have open conversations about mental health in Canadian veterinary medicine.

Speaker: David R. Hannah

David R. Hannah is an Associate Professor of Management at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Hannah is a Past President of the Western Academy of Management and was chosen as their 2008 Ascendant Scholar. His research focuses on how people navigate dilemmas and tensions in their working lives, and his recent study on how veterinarians cope with the emotional demands of their work will be published in Academy of Management Discoveries in 2020. His other research has been published in numerous leading journals, including the Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Business Horizons, Journal of Management Inquiry, and the Journal of Business Ethics. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Management Inquiry, a past recipient of the SFU Faculty of Business Administration Research Excellence Award, and the 2005 winner of the SFU Faculty of Business TD-Canada Trust Teaching Excellence Award.

Suicide awareness and prevention in the Canadian veterinary profession: Take a moment and change a life

  • Learn and practice the four evidence based coping strategies that have been specifically researched in veterinarians and technologists to help reduce burnout and stress
  • Learn and practice simple steps on how to help a coworker who is in distress 
  • Leave the webinar with practical guidelines on how to start conversations about mental health in work environments
  • Have access to a list of provincial and community mental health resources

English Webinar 

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Keil

Watch the recorded webinar here or below.

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French Webinar 

Speaker: Dr. Martine Baillairgé

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