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Animal Health Week 2019 - Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health: Talk to Your Veterinary Team about Your Animals’ Dietary Needs

June 21, 2019

It’s time to start planning for Animal Health Week 2019! Animal Health Week is an annual national public awareness campaign organized by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and hosted by veterinarians across Canada. Each year, through Animal Health Week, the veterinary community draws attention to an important health-related message. During the first week of October, veterinary teams across Canada promote a significant animal health-related message and responsible animal ownership as part of Animal Health Week celebrations. Many veterinary hospitals and clinics host open houses, hold photo contests, offer clinic tours, and organize various events for their community.

The CVMA is proud to have celebrated Animal Health Week across the country for more than 30 years. From October 6–12, 2019, CVMA will showcase the importance of nutrition. This year’s theme, Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health: Talk to Your Veterinary Team about Your Animals’ Dietary Needs, is an opportunity to remind animal owners about the importance of seeking professional veterinary advice regarding what and how much they feed their animals based on species, age, and overall health. Eating a balanced diet is as important for our pets, livestock, and other animals as it is for us. Proper nutrition can help set the stage for our animals to live healthy lives.

A free Animal Health Week poster has been included with this month’s issue of The Canadian Veterinary Journal. A copy of the poster will also be mailed to veterinary hospitals and clinics across the country in June. Downloadable/printable order forms will be available on our website for those who do not wish to use the online ordering system. As Animal Health Week nears, visit the Animal Health Week section under the Practice & Economics tab of the CVMA website to find tips and tools to help plan your celebrations. Choose from a variety of promotional materials to decorate your waiting room and items to distribute as prizes.

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You can conveniently order your Animal Health Week merchandise online through CVMA’s website from the first week of June until August 2, 2019. Take advantage of the Early Bird deadline, July 19, 2019, for a chance win a $100 Subway gift card! Those who order through the online system will also receive a chance to win additional prizes. Sponsors Generous support of the 2019 Animal Health Week campaign is provided by Principal Sponsor, Royal Canin, and Program Sponsors, iFinance Canada (Petcard), and The Personal.

This month we highlight our Principal Sponsor, Royal Canin: Royal Canin believes pets make our world a better place and this drives them to make A Better World for PetsTM. Pets do not have a voice to speak for themselves, but each of us can speak on their behalf. Royal Canin leverages science and observation to help each cat and dog live longer and in better health through optimal nutrition. Royal Canin believes in continuous innovation, pushing the limits of health nutrition through precision, individualization, diagnostic tools, and supporting services, keeping cats and dogs at the center, and believing that nutrition can transform their lives. They research the complex physiological needs of cats and dogs and develop detailed nutritional solutions that are appropriate to their size, age, lifestyle, breed, and medical pathology. The company’s network of research facilities, including the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, and pet professional partners worldwide provide the necessary knowledge for their nutritionists and formulators to meet the specific needs of each cat and dog. Their dedication does not end there. Around the world they have veterinarians, boarded nutritionists, internists, and registered veterinary technicians available to answer your questions related to nutrition and products. These consultations feed into the knowledge to identify opportunities for improvements and innovations. Royal Canin provides over 100 dry and wet canine and over 90 dry and wet feline formulas that make a positive and lasting difference in a pet’s ability to live in optimal health. The majority of dry formulas for the Canadian market are produced at the facility in Guelph, Ontario. This facility is part of a network of Royal Canin-owned plants in North America. Royal Canin facilities adhere to strict quality and food safety controls to help ensure nutritional precision and performance. Each Royal Canin Veterinary Exclusive formula is available through your local distributor.

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