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Audio Interview – Importation of Dogs into Canada

November 3, 2017

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) spoke with veterinarians Dr. Duane Landals and Dr. Enid Stiles about importation of dogs into Canada, but, including rescue dogs that may come from places where there may be diseases that are not prevalent, or not as prevalent, in Canada.

The CVMA does not oppose importation of rescue dogs, but supports more effective controls being put in place to mitigate the risk to Canadians and resident animal populations from infectious disease.

Both veterinarians suggest that prospective owners talk to a veterinarian about any plans to rescue an animal from another country, so they can offer advice and prepare to evaluate your pet for health and wellness inclusing for diseases not normally found in Canada. Your veterinarian can also counsel you on transportation issues that may impact animal welfare (e.g. duration of travel, access to food and water).

If an animal comes home to Canada, it should be kept separate from the other animals for a period of time, so that any diseases which may not be eveident at the time can be identified and treated appropriately.

Planning is key. Reach out to your veterinarian for help.

Take a listen here (In English only)

If you wish for a French transcript, contact the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

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Dr. Duane Landals has over 25 years of experience as a clinical, mixed-animal practitioner, and owned and managed a large veterinary practice for 35 years in Alberta. He was the President of both the Alberta and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and was Vice President of the World Veterinary Association for two terms. He currently is a member of the CVMA’s Veterinary Pharmaceutical Stewardship Advisory Group.

Dr. Enid Stiles owns Sherwood Park Animal Hospital, a small animal practice in the West Island of Montréal. She is a member of the CVMA’s National Issues Committee, the Quebec representative on CVMA Council and an Executive Member of the CVMA.