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Audio Interview –Strengthening the Veterinary Oversight of Antimicrobial Use in Canada: Let’s Answer “The Why?”

May 23, 2017

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Communications team sat down with Dr. Duane Landals for an informal chat about how veterinary oversight of antimicrobial use is being strengthened in Canada as part of the fight against antimicrobial resistance, how these important changes affect you in the veterinary profession, and some next steps for antimicrobial surveillance and stewardship.

Dr. Duane Landals is a Member of the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Stewardship Advisory Group and Chair of the Expert Advisory Panel for the National Antimicrobial Use (AMU) Surveillance for Veterinary Practitioners project.

Take a listen here (In English only. Audio is through SoundCloud)

If you wish for a French transcript, contact the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

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Visit the Veterinary Oversight of Antimicrobial Use in Animals in Canada section under Policy & Advocacy of the CVMA website for more information.