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Canada Bans Bestiality and Animal Fighting (Bill C-84 has been Passed into Law)

June 19, 2019

Bill C-84, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code pertaining to Bestiality and Animal Fighting, has passed through Parliament and into law.

This law is two-fold. It broadens the definition of bestiality in the Criminal Code by making any sexual contact with an animal illegal. One of the groundbreaking provisions is that those convicted of engaging in a sexual act with an animal will be listed on the National Sex Offender Registry, protecting animals and other vulnerable members of our society, such as children.

Secondly; encouraging, aiding or assisting in the fighting or baiting of animals is now an offence under the Criminal Code. Any person found breeding, training, keeping and transporting animals for fighting, as well as profiting from these fights, will be subjected to criminal offence charges. This law protects communities, as animal fighting is often linked to organized crime.

The CVMA has actively lobbied for a number of years for amendments to the Criminal Code aimed at strengthening the law with respect to animal cruelty.

Dr. Alice Crook appeared on behalf of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) on June 12, 2019 to the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology with respect to its hearing on Bill C-84, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (bestiality and animal fighting).