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Attend the Shelter Medicine Track at the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies Conference 2017

February 24, 2017

On April 11 2017, the CFHS 2017 National Animal Welfare Conference is highlighting a day-long Shelter Medicine Track with Dr. Julie Levy and Dr. LeeAnn Sealey. This track was proposed and sponsored by OSMA.

Dr. Julie Levy will be speaking about community cat management, trap-neuter return, and shelter initiatives in the community. She is a world expert on community cats and TNR. These programs are essential for reducing shelter intakes, the single most important way to reduce shelter euthanasia. They also reduce disease through vaccination and improve community relationships by creating stable colonies. Dr. Levy will speak about creating protocols for high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter clinics for stray and feral cats. She’ll provide a blueprint for creating a fully operational clinic capable of safely sterilizing 100 or more cats in a day, with lasting infrastructure. She will explain how to create a community-based coalition of policy makers, cat caregivers, and veterinary professionals to create a large-scale sustainable cat management program. She’ll also describe how to provide cost-effective minimum standards of care for large-scale TNR clinics, such as developing a system to manage existing medical conditions and response procedures for medical emergencies and post-operative complications.

Dr. Sealey’s talk will focus on the importance of innovation in the field. There will be an overview of the roles shelter medicine plays and showcasing of current outreach projects within the community. For example, extending shelter veterinary care to those who are in dire need of the services, how to get more involved with the veterinary professionals in communities, and outlining various selected programs across Ontario. The goals of these programs are to increase adoptions, reunite lost cats with their families, and create more community outreach programs to keep pets in their homes.