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The CVMA Congratulates the Class of 2018!

August 1, 2018


The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) hopes you will remember your achievements but also the institution where you had the privilege to study and its unique quality with which you will be identified with for the rest of your life.

Veterinary medical knowledge is unique since it is one of few professions to develop an extensive comparative medicine base you now have and will apply. The intense education you have gotten through illustrates how far the profession has come and how much knowledge there is to acquire. 

As new doctors of veterinary medicine, you also have new responsibilities which include applying your knowledge to benefit society, promoting animal health and welfare, relieving animal suffering and pain, protecting the public and environment’s health and advancing comparative animal medical knowledge.  Do this with dignity and competence, maintaining high professional and ethical standards for yourself and the profession. 

As the Canadian veterinary profession’s future , you need to bridge the gap between animal and human health and show there is only ‘One world, One health, One medicine’ and that every profession needs to work together and cooperate to stay ahead of viral, bacterial and chemical threats, facing humans and animals daily. 

The veterinary profession needs you to assume the leadership required to make the necessary advances.  Your veterinary ancestors created the CVMA to give Canada a strong national, organized and accredited association, which is internationally envied, and as tomorrow’s veterinary leaders, you too must be committed and involved in moving the veterinary profession forward and are depended on to take the profession to the next level. 

Get involved. The CVMA has volunteer veterinarians on many different boards, associations, legislative and policy-making groups in Canada and abroad, helping the CVMA achieve its work on behalf of Canadian veterinarians. For example, by year’s end, all feed and water antimicrobials will be available upon veterinary prescription only. The CVMA lobbied for this significant change for over two decades and required the CVMA to communicate regular information and updates to all Canadian veterinarians.

Another CVMA focus area right now is cannabis; more specifically the use of medicinal cannabis for companion animals. With the announcement of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, our profession is eager to know how we fit into the mix to potentially prescribe it to pets.

We have lobbied the Government of Canada to ensure veterinarians are included under the definition of “medical practitioner” under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. We also requested for human products to be properly labeled to protect animals, and to have certain cannabis products included under the low risk Veterinary Health Products category.

Canada is also facing a national health crisis with a growing number of overdoses and death caused by opioids. The veterinary profession’s exposure in this area pertains to clients engaging in “doctor” shopping, seeking opioid prescriptions for their pets from several veterinarians with the intent to use the drugs themselves.

Health Canada’s VDD reached out to CVMA to help address this issue in veterinary practices. We provided our members with a document titled: “Opioids: Risk Evaluation/Mitigation Strategies in Veterinary Medicine.” The document includes information on risk assessment and strategic management of opioid class medications, staff orientation and training, internal quality assurance, and client education.

These are just a few of the many important CVMA initiatives. Please read the 2017 Annual Report published in the July 2018 edition of the Canadian Veterinary Journal or contact the CVMA to find out how you too can continue the work of your veterinary ancestors by getting involved in shaping the future of the Canadian veterinary profession.

The CVMA encourages you to seek excellence in whatever you do, not by imitating established models, but by embracing risks, exploring new, unfamiliar fields and by taking bold initiatives and assuming leadership roles. 

Thank you all for your passion and dedication to the veterinary profession. Together, we are a strong united voice for the veterinary profession, not only nationally but internationally as well.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association officially welcomes you to the profession!