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CVMA Added Housing Systems for Laying Hens and Welfare of Cull Dairy Cows to Roster of Position Statements

September 7, 2018

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has added the following two positions to its roster of CVMA Animal Welfare position statements:

Housing Systems for Laying Hens

The CVMA holds that primary consideration should be given to the welfare of the birds when housing systems for laying hens are adopted. To provide good health and welfare for laying hens, the CVMA supports the evaluation and implementation of both enriched/furnished cage systems and non-cage colony systems that are compatible with good standards of animal welfare. Read the full position here.

The Welfare of Cull Dairy Cows

The CVMA opposes prolonged transport of compromised cull dairy cows because they have an increased likelihood of suffering when exposed to transport related stressors. The CVMA supports on-farm animal welfare-based cow culling decisions and the national standardization of dairy cow best management practices. Read the full position here.

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