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CVMA Convention in Charlottetown is Less than Three Months Away

April 4, 2017

The CVMA Convention in Charlottetown (July 13–16, 2017) is less than 3 months away. Looking at the evaluations of the 2016 CVMA Convention, the location of the Convention is the number one factor to influence DVMs whether they will attend the CVMA Convention.

We are hoping that Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) alumni will feel nostalgic and plan a return visit to this charming city. The AVC is hosting an all-year alumni reunion on Friday, July 15 at the college; a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with classmates. And for others, Charlottetown is an excellent example of a vibrant seaside capital city with historic charm and pride of place. It provides links to the past and carries on the tradition of hospitality and the sense of belonging that the entire province of Prince Edward Island is noted for. A summer destination to be enjoyed!

The 2016 Convention evaluation also identified that continuing education (CE) sessions are the 2nd factor to influence whether to attend the CVMA Convention. Last month’s article described the diverse wet labs that will be offered. The concurrent sessions begin on Friday, July 14 and run through Sunday, July 16. These sessions cover companion animals, equine, bovine, ruminant, and small flock poultry health with over 40 speakers from Canada and the United States. Topics include dentistry, soft-tissue surgery, exotics, and pocket pets, pain management, dermatology, animal welfare, ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging, and much more.

On Thursday, July 13, Dr. Ernie Ward from North Carolina will present six sessions in the Practice Management stream — “A Successful Career: A Balanced Life.” Dr. Ward will discuss how to improve diagnostic accuracy and communication, how to deal with conflict, and reveal tips for the entire team on how to make your clinic happier and healthier. He will also discuss an innovative practice of introducing a nine-month pet visit.

The CVMA Summit entitled “The Future of Veterinary Medicine: Embracing Change and Innovation” will be held on Thursday, July 13 with three thought-provoking speakers. Nick Stace, with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the United Kingdom, will discuss the results of a report dealing with veterinary futures. Dr. Caleb Frankel from Pennsylvania will look at “Innovation in the Veterinary Practice” and the new technologies that are emerging. Dr. Adam Little, with Texas A&M University, will look at the “Uber in Veterinary Medicine.” This year’s Summit will be chaired by Dr. Troye McPherson, CVMA president-elect.

On Thursday, July 13 from 2 to 5 pm, the National Issues Forum, sponsored by Wood Wyant, will look at alternative medicine and discuss whether it’s still an alternative. Dr. Jim Berry will discuss the issue as a small animal practitioner who uses some acupuncture; Dr. Christine Savidge will view the issue through the lens of an academic and a small animal internal medicine specialist, and Dr. Laura Taylor will provide insight from an equine holistic private practice. A discussion and audience participation with live polling will help contribute to the formal review of CVMA’s official position on complementary and alternative medicine that is taking place this year.

These CE offerings should be of interest to most DVMs and RVTs and provide the rationale for attending the convention. The 2017 CVMA Convention program was reviewed and approved by the AAVSB RACE program to offer a total of 125 CE credits (27 maximum) being available to any one DVM and 72 veterinary technician credits (27 maximum) being available to any one RVT. It’s a great opportunity to earn CE.

If you haven’t registered, go to the website. Register today for an exceptional CE opportunity in eastern Canada. See you in Charlottetown!