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CVMA Establishes Veterinary Workforce Working Group

October 5, 2020

Demand for veterinary services currently exceeds or will soon exceed
capacity at a national level. Some areas, specifically Quebec, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, are showing acute signs of stretched or exceeded capacity. The shortage of veterinary technicians further exacerbates the need for veterinarians.

The Veterinary Workforce Working Group will make viable recommendations on how the CVMA can help address the forecasted shortage of veterinarians in the best interest of the profession, clients and patients, based on the CVMA Workforce Study 2020 results and recommendations and the knowledge and experience of the working group members. 

Working Group Members include:

  • Dr. Phil Buote (Deputy Registrar, ABVMA), Chair
  • Dr. Melanie Hicks (CVMA Executive Member – Immediate Past-President)
  • Dr. Jeff Wichtel (Dean, OVC)
  • Dr. Rob Ashburner (Small Animal Practitioner, BC)
  • Dr. Sherri Christie (Mixed Animal Practitioner, ON)
  • Dr. Karen Rodier (Food Animal Practitioner, QC)
  • Ivana Novosel (RVT)
  • Dr. John Tait (Veterinary business expert)
  • Jost am Rhyn (CVMA CEO and NEB Registrar)