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CVMA’s Group Insurance Program Provides Protection and Saves You Money

August 1, 2017

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Group Insurance Program offers CVMA members exclusive, specialized group insurance solutions including liability/malpractice, commercial, employee benefits and life and disability. The CVMA Program also offers members exclusive rates, discounts and benefits on home, automobile, recreational vehicle and travel insurance.

Western Financial Insurance Group Solutions

CVMA’s endorsed partner, Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions (WFGIS) delivers policies tailored to every CVMA member’s unique needs. Since its inception in 2005, the CVMA Insurance Program has provided stable pricing and coverage flexibility to over 1800 practices. 

The best time to review your insurance is 2 to 3 months prior to the policy renewal date. During the year, WFGIS may contact non-participating CVMA members, identifying themselves as CVMA’s insurance partner, to determine your policy renewal date and ensure sufficient time to review with you your insurance needs and coverage options.

WFGIS requires practice information to develop coverage proposals and may have questions about the physical property, operations, sales, claims history and current insurance situation, including the existing commercial policy or coverage booklets, employee data and a recent employee group benefits invoice. This information ensures the coverage offered is tailored to the practice’s specific needs and is comparable or superior to your current insurance policy. To honor the guaranteed 10% reduction for equivalent coverage, WFGIS may review your current policy to provide a comparable coverage quote.

The coverage proposal and insurance plan comparison illustrates the differences between your expiring policy and the Program coverage offered and is reviewed with you to explain the coverage and address your questions or concerns. WFGIS ensures a seamless transition to the CVMA Program by arranging proper documentation for all parties.


The Personal Home and Auto Insurance

CVMA’s partner, The Personal Insurance Company’s Home and Auto Group Insurance, offers CVMA members personalized coverage, discounts and quality service with no-hassle claims and fast convenient service from knowledgeable agents. Your spouse and dependents can also benefit from your group offer, including:

• Save 5% on your premium all year when driving with 4 winter tires during the winter months.

• Switch and you’re welcomed with savings up to 7%.

• Dependent college or university students under 25 save.

• You’ll save if your home has a central alarm system.

• Save on your home insurance when you also insure your car.

• You only pay one deductible should you have a claim involving home and auto.

Now, The Personal Insurance Co. made insurance even easier with Alert; real time smartphone notifications if water leakage is detected. With Alert, you can relax knowing you will be notified before water leakage worsens. Alert is exclusive to all insured with The Personal and the water and freeze detector are free! The Personal App also features online services to manage your policies or file a claim anytime, anywhere.

If you’re looking for travel or pet insurance, or need insurance for your recreational vehicle, talk to The Personal. They also provide this type of coverage.

To get a quote, download the App or call the Personal Insurance Co. at 1-866-860-CVMA (2862). The CVMA Insurance Program was designed for veterinarians and is overseen by the CVMA for the protection of its members. For additional information, call 1-866-860-2862 or visit (