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CVMA Participates in Forum to Discuss the Prevention and Control of African Swine Fever in the Americas

May 13, 2019

African Swine Fever (ASF), a virus that has killed millions of pigs worldwide, is a global threat, which cannot be addressed in isolation.
This was the driving force behind a forum held in Ottawa, organized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which gathered 150 delegates from 15 countries to collaborate on a global plan to prevent and mitigate the risk of this animal disease in North and South America. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) was part of these discussions.
The African Swine Fever Forum brought together government, industry leaders and decision makers to discuss the threat of African swine fever to the Americas, to learn from experiences from recent outbreaks in Europe and Asia, and to collaborate on concrete actions to mitigate the threat of ASF in the region.
The Forum also began the development of a collaborative framework for managing the threat of the disease.
The framework focuses on four pillars:
  1. Preparedness planning to have countries at a high state of readiness to swiftly control ASF should it enter the Americas region.
  2. Enhanced biosecurity in place to prevent the entry of ASF into the domestic and wild swine populations of the Americas, and mitigate its spread within these populations.
  3. Ensure to mitigate the trade impacts of ASF on the swine sector, both nationally and internationally, while controlling and eradicating the disease.
  4. Coordinated risk communications among target audiences to encourage informed decision making, behaviour modification, and trust in governments and industry.
Veterinarians have an important role to play in educating owners about the disease and current disease risks, reviewing clinic and client biosecurity protocols, providing guidance on biosecurity measures to protect swine health and identifying and reporting suspect cases of ASF.
CVMA will continue to collaborate with CFIA and other stakeholders to share information to prevent African Swine Fever from infecting the Canadian pig herd.
Find more information about African swine fever, as well as resources for pig owners, here.