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The CVMA Responds to Dairy Cattle Abuse in B.C.

November 8, 2021

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) was greatly disturbed by the content of a video recently released by various media outlets following a licence suspension of a dairy farm in the Fraser Valley by The BC Milk Marketing Board (BC Milk) in late October. The video depicts incomprehensible and violent abuse of cows and calves on a dairy farm in Abbotsford, B.C. The CVMA condemns cruelty to animals in any form and is a strong proponent of respectful and caring handling of animals in a manner that acknowledges their sentience and protects their welfare. Appropriate selection of animal care staff for suitability, training of people responsible for handling animals, as well as appropriate assessment and frequent monitoring of handlers are required. Immediate corrective actions up to and including dismissal and legal action, when necessary, must be ensured. Animal cruelty, however manifested, must be immediately addressed and cases of animal abuse should be reported for prosecution to the fullest extent under the law, including the provincial animal welfare laws and the Criminal Code of Canada.