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CVMA States Potential Animal and Public Health Risks Outweigh Benefits of Raw Meat-Based Diets for Pets

September 7, 2018

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) accepts the evidence for potential health risks to pets fed raw meat-based diets (RMBDs), and to humans who are in contact with RMBDs, or with pets fed RMBDs. Read more.
"The CVMA holds that the documented scientific evidence of potential animal and public health risks in feeding fed raw meat-based diets outweighs any perceived benefits of this feeding practice,” says Dr. Terri Chotowetz, the CVMA President. “However, if pet owners still wish to feed their pets raw meat-based diets, then we highly recommend that veterinarians counsel owners on the potential risks to people and pets."
The CVMA advises veterinarians who recommend RMBDs to inform pet owners of associated risks and to educate owners on how to mitigate the potential risk of pathogen exposure from handling such products and/or in managing pets consuming the diets.
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