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CVMA Submits Comments to Health Canada on Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis

January 19, 2018

A right for veterinarians to authorize client access to medical cannabis for veterinary patients, the need for labeling to protect animals and the benefits of including certain cannabis products in the low risk Veterinary Health Products category comprised the three main points emphasized in the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s (CVMA) submission to the Government of Canada, following public engagement by Health Canada’s on proposed approach to the regulation of Cannabis.  
CVMA’s letter, dated January 19, 2018, emphasizes three key areas:  
  1. Veterinarians should be included under the definition of “medical practitioner” under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). This would allow them to provide necessary medication to their veterinary patients.
  2. Labelling of human products to protect animals is required
  3. Certain cannabis products should be included under the low risk Veterinary Health Products category to ensure clients have access to high quality products appropriately prepared for veterinary patients 
Read full letter here.
The letter was prepared by a working group under the CVMA’s National Issues Committee based on members’ participation in roundtable meetings with officials from Health Canada's Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch in early December 2017, as well as discussions with outside experts.
Overall, the CVMA recognizes that further research in both humans and animals is vital to build an evidence base for sound therapeutic decision-making, and the association supports the direction being taken by Health Canada to open up new possibilities for the use of cannabis products to alleviate pain and suffering.