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Dr. Duane Landals – 2017 Carl Block Award Recipient

December 6, 2017

Every year the Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC) presents the Carl Block Award to an individual nominated by his or her peers for outstanding contributions in the field of livestock animal health. The 2017 Carl Block Award Recipient is Dr. Duane Landals of Onoway, Alberta. 

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“The honour could not have been given to a better man. Dr. Duane Landals is highly regarded in the veterinary profession, not only in Canada but around the world,” says Dr. Troye McPherson, 2017-18 Canadian Veterinary Medical Association President. “Within our association, we value his enthusiasm for, and infinite knowledge of the veterinary profession, especially on undertaking current issues such as antimicrobial resistance and use, importation of dogs and much more.”

Dr. Duane Landals with his wife, Lucille Landals