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Get to Know the Man Behind the CVMA Emerging Leaders Program

February 7, 2019

Dr. Rick DeBowes is returning once again to facilitate the CVMA’s Emerging Leaders Program, sponsored by Virox Animal Health.

Dr. DeBowes will help bring joy back into the workplace by teaching graduates and experienced professionals alike how to cope with a variety of challenges encountered in veterinary practice. 

Dr. DeBowes has practiced in both private small animal practice and academic equine practice settings. He is a frequent speaker and presenter of leadership programs and co-developed the Amercian Veterinary Medical Association Veterinary Leadership Experience and a series of other interactive, experiential leadership education experiences for health care team members. 

"It has been my distinct pleasure over the past six years to be associated with the amazing colleagues from across Canada who come together annually to engage in the Emerging Leader's Program. Having taught veterinary students and post graduate colleagues for the past 39 years, I can tell you that these individuals are amongst the best and brightest you could find. The energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence they bring to our interactive learning sessions is both gratifying and humbling. So many of them go on to improve their practice teams at home or take on a role in provincial or national organized veterinary medicine...always leading by example. If you want to thrive in our profession today and truly make a positive difference for others, I wholeheartedly recommend the CVMA Emerging Leaders' Program for your consideration!” - Testimonial from Dr. Rick DeBowes, Facilitator.

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