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The CVMA and GoodLife Fitness Offer CVMA Members Discounted Gym Memberships

January 15, 2020

The topic of wellness in veterinary medicine is important and we must keep this issue a priority. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) looks at ways to support Canadian veterinarians on their wellness journey and contribute to their success in achieving a work-life balance. One CVMA Health and Wellness initiative is the CVMA-GoodLife Fitness Corporate Discount Program for CVMA members.

Why it’s important to have regular physical activity:

  • Weight Control
  • Prevention or management of health conditions and diseases
  • Mood and mental health improvement
  • Increasing energy
  • Sleep improvement

Why it's important for you and your employees to be active and healthy:

  • 60% of Canadians are overweight and 23% are clinically obese. These factors could inhibit work performance and contribute to increased employer costs related to absenteeism, benefit costs and short- and long-term disability leaves.
  • Work-related stress – the number one health risk affecting Canadian employees – is linked to poor health.

In the veterinary profession, stress and the danger of long-term exhaustion are significant, and the risk of suicide among veterinarians is disturbing. The long hours, heavy workload, and poor work-life balance threaten the health and well-being of all veterinary professionals, whether you’re a student, faculty, practice owner, practice manager or associate veterinarian.

A healthier, happier life is one step away. The CVMA corporate membership can save you up to 44% off regular individual membership rates. View the GoodLife flyer or FAQs for more information. To join now, click here, have your CVMA Membership ID Number ready and select Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (ACMV). If you do not have or forget your ID number or have additional questions, please contact the CVMA.