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Help Unite Canada in Celebrating Animal Health Week! Only One Week Left to Order Merchandise.

July 28, 2019

Animal Health Week (AHW), the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s (CVMA’s) national public awareness campaign, provides Canadian veterinarians a chance to present a united front, while emphasizing an important animal health issue.

With this year’s theme, Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health: Talk to Your Veterinary Team About Your Animal’s Dietary Needs, the CVMA, and veterinary teams across the country, are highlighting the importance of nutrition and underscoring the value in providing animals with balanced and nutritious meals! Join us!

During AHW 2019, from October 6–12, encourage animal owners to speak to their veterinary teams about creating the best individual nutrition protocol for their animals. Good nutrition forms the basis of an animal’s overall health!

During AHW 2019, remind your clients:

  • Optimal nutrition is central to optimal health and well-being.
  • Diets must be appropriate for species, breed, age, and health status of an animal.
  • Portion control is of utmost importance — obesity is a leading cause of illness and premature death in overfed animals.
  • All diets, prepared commercially or at home, must be formulated with appropriate balances of essential nutrients as required by your animal.

Online ordering gives you a chance to win a $50 Tim Horton’s gift card (treat your hard-working team to some morning steam)!

The deadline to place your AHW materials order is August 2, 2019.

Share your celebrations with Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #AnimalHealthWeek and please tag @cvma.acmv on Instagram to be featured in our stories.

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