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How Does the CVMA Help Support Student Veterinarians?

December 3, 2018

The Students of the CVMA (SCVMA) Program is a CVMA priority and as such, all veterinary students are full CVMA members. The CVMA is interested in what students have to say which is why there is an annual CVMA Council seat for the SCVMA Committee student president, who acts as a voice for all veterinary students, and why the SCVMA Committee has a student representative from each veterinary college. With CVMA’s financial support, the SCVMA Committee organizes a variety of activities and events on campus for students throughout the year.

Below are ways the CVMA assists student veterinarians from the beginning of their careers.

  • SCVMA Symposium The exclusive, annual SCVMA Symposium is organized by veterinary students for students enrolled in one of Canada’s 5 veterinary colleges, with CVMA’s financial and administrative help. It is a great leadership experience for student organizers and a valuable opportunity for students to view the veterinary profession’s nationwide diversity while learning and networking with future colleagues from across Canada. The SCVMA Symposium rotates among the Canadian veterinary colleges and is held on the Friday and Saturday of the 3rd weekend in January. This 2-day event consists of educational sessions such as wet labs, clinical conferences and lectures, as well as social events that may include tours, sporting activities, banquets, and guest speaker presentations. The next SCVMA Symposium will be held January 18 and 19, 2019 at the Faculté de médecins vétérinaires (FMV) in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec.
  • SCVMA Student Leadership Workshop Your SCVMA Committee representatives launched the annual SCVMA Student Leadership Workshop (SLW) to provide veterinary students with non-technical training (life skills), particularly relating to teamwork, communication, and professionalism, that students may not have the chance to learn in traditional veterinary medical school curriculums. The SLW is hosted in the fall, rotating among the 5 Canadian veterinary colleges. The 2019 SLW will be held at the University of Calgary — Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Annual New Graduate Survey Every year, the SCVMA conducts a survey of newly graduated DVMs in an effort to keep veterinary students and early career DVMs abreast of the current Canadian trends and veterinary workforce conditions post-graduation.
  •  VetRap Student Newsletter VetRap is an annual newsletter produced by the SCVMA Committee, featuring an article from each of the 5 Canadian veterinary colleges, as well as some international articles from student affiliate colleges across the globe, and is distributed electronically to all SCVMA members.
  • Awards The CVMA Student Leadership Award, instituted in 1966, consists of a plaque and a monetary award of $800 presented annually to a 3rd-year veterinary student at each of the Canadian veterinary colleges. The recipient is selected by their classmates on the basis of leadership and achievement in student affairs. One International CVMA Student Leadership Award is presented to a student at a college participating in the CVMA International Student Affiliate Program. The Annual CVMA Teacher of the Year Award is presented to one professor at each of the Canadian veterinary colleges. The recipient, chosen by students, is selected based on who inspired students the most, their subject approach, teaching methods, and their subject interest and enthusiasm.
  • Free subscription to The Canadian Veterinary Journal (The CVJ) All students studying at one of the 5 Canadian veterinary colleges receive a complimentary monthly print edition of The CVJ, as well as a free online CVJ subscription.
  • Lab coats and name badges All 1st-year students are presented with an embroidered lab coat and personalized name tag.
  • Online from 339 eNewsletter — Student Edition Check your e-mail in the fall and spring for student editions of CVMA’s “Online from 339” eNewsletter and keep up-to-date with the activities of your national professional association and issues affecting veterinarians nationally and internationally.
  • Insurance presentations In winter, CVMA’s insurance provider, Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions, provides students with refreshments while giving an overview of career insurance risks students may face and explains available insurance products and coverages.
  • Provincial Compensation and Benefits for Associate Veterinarians Reports These reports, available in the Business Management section of the CVMA website, contain information you can use to compare hours worked, incomes, and benefits of associate veterinarians across the province and across Canada. A hard copy of these reports is also included in final-year students’ fall CVMA welcome package.
  • One Voice presentations In September, your SCVMA Committee Sr. representative, alongside a CVMA Council representative, gives a CVMA overview over lunch and at the end there is a “hot topic” discussion.
  • Free CVMA membership for the balance of your graduation year The year after graduation, take advantage of tiered CVMA membership dues reductions (a 75% discount for the calendar year following graduation, a 50% discount for year 2 post-graduation and a 25% reduction for year 3 postgraduation).

Other CVMA member benefits students can take advantage of are:

  • Clinician’s Brief TM free global digital edition
  • Free CVMA convention registration for students who volunteer at least 10 hours during the event
  • Download the CVMA Guidelines for the Successful Employment of New Veterinary Graduates
  • Discounted summer subscription rate for The Canadian Veterinary Journal (CVJ)
  • Hotel discounts around the world through the CVMA Hotel Discount Program
  • CVMA’s car rental discounts and benefits
  • Exclusive group rates, additional discounts, and benefits on home, automobile, recreational vehicle, and travel insurance through the Personal Insurance Co., as part of the CVMA comprehensive group insurance solution

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For more information, please contact your college’s SCVMA Committee representative or contact the CVMA staff liaison, Alexandra Schlesiger at 1-800-567-2862, ext. 119 or