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Dr. Jaspinder Komal is selected as a Fellow into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

October 13, 2020

We would like to share the nomination of Dr. Komal as Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS). Fellowship in the CAHS is the highest honor in the health sciences in Canada and is unique because the academy spans all of the health disciplines. This year the following three individuals were selected from the discipline of veterinary medicine
1. Hélène Carabin from Universite de Montreal
2. Jaspinder Komal from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
3. J. Scott Weese from the University of Guelph
These three individuals join a select group of only 19 other scholars from the veterinary medicine discipline that had been elected as fellows since the CAHS was founded in 2004. This is a small group given that the CAHS has over 700 fellows in total from other disciplines: Dentistry (10), Medicine (533), Nursing (44), Pharmaceutical Sciences (25), Public and Population Health (28), Rehabilitation sciences (29), Social Sciences and Humanities (33).
CAHS recognizes excellence in health sciences. Fellows have demonstrated, through their careers and lives, that they are committed to their field of expertise in many ways.
Speaking to the new Fellows, the Chair of the Fellowship Committee, Dr. Proton Rahman, said, “Congratulations on being elected as a Fellow in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Your induction is a reflection of your vision, innovation and sustained excellence in your field and, undoubtedly, your expertise will further enrich our Academy.  We are looking forward to your engagement in CAHS’ activities.”
Dr. Paul Allison, CAHS’ President, congratulated the new Fellows and mentioned, “Your dedication to health sciences is what is recognized today.  Our Fellows understand that being elected to the Academy carries with it a covenant to serve the Academy and the future wellbeing of the health sciences, irrespective of the Fellow’s specific discipline.”