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News Release: Kannon Animal Hospital Receives National Award for Eco-Friendly and Green Practice Procedures, Superior Patient Care

July 6, 2018

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The Kannon Animal Hospital, Saint John, N.B., has been recognized as Practice of the Year by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) for its commitment to ecohealth and green practice procedures, and its reputation for delivering superior patient care while showing exemplary compassion toward pet owners.

In an effort to ensure the hospital was eco-friendly from the get-go, veterinarian and practice owner Dr. Michiko Gehrig chose to renovate an existing building and revamp it as necessary to build the practice with the goal of Kannon Animal Hospitalincreasing efficiency, rather than increasing space. This has resulted in creative storage and organization solutions, careful selection of equipment and supplies, and meticulous layout design to maximize sustainability without compromising overall care.

The Kannon Animal Hospital has been heating its water with solar energy since day one and in 2017 Dr. Gehrig brought in a “solar system” consisting of 20, 300-watt solar panels that are estimated to generate an average of 720 kilowatts per month. This generated energy, estimated to be enough to power a small efficient home, feeds into the local grid, allowing the hospital to receive a rebate on its utility bill during the months it generates more power than it uses.

Dr. Gehrig is as committed to providing passionate and effective care as she is to protecting the environment. Amber Hachey, a Registered Veterinary Technician at the hospital, says, “Dr. Gehrig makes a point to help those who are always trying, those who are silent in their struggles, and those she knows ultimately need the assistance.”

Hachey goes on to describe Dr. Gehrig’s support for the Saint John SPCA, which includes the Kannon Animal Hospital becoming a space for performing surgical procedures, wellness and adoption exams, as well as critical care for animals housed by the shelter.

“The CVMA is pleased to present the Kannon Animal Hospital with the Practice of the Year Award in honour of its continuous effort to implement sustainable eco-friendly practices and minimize the impact the clinic has on the environment,” says Dr. Troye McPherson, 2017-18 CVMA President. “Not only does the hospital strive to respect and protect the environment, but the level of care the staff provides to its clients and patients is exemplary. The Kannon Animal Hospital is truly a leader in this field.”

CVMA’s Practice of the Year Award, sponsored by Scotiabank, recognizes a veterinary practice team for outstanding achievement within their local community. Such achievements may include innovations in provision of veterinary services, commitment to work-life balance, meaningful community or charitable involvement, or implementation of 'green' practice procedures.

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