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Launch of Animal Welfare Video Series

July 8, 2019

The University of Winchester Centre for Animal Welfare has released a series of 29 short YouTube videos at

The videos provide 5-10 minute summaries of key animal welfare concerns relating to the farming, transportation, and slaughter of all major farmed species, as well as aquaculture and fisheries, animals and alternatives within scientific research and education, the use of animals for entertainment, hunting and whaling, companion and wild animals, including birds and exotics, animal abuse and forensics, and more.

Related topics include animal disaster management, climate change and biodiversity loss, Brexit and farm animal welfare, breed-specific legislation, and plant-based diets. 

The hope is to increase public understanding of the needs of animals, and the importance of maximizing their welfare by providing key information about these issues in a highly accessible format.

The Centre for Animal Welfare is an interdisciplinary centre that undertakes research, teaching and public engagement in animal welfare and related fields.