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CVMA Requests Your Support for Bill C-246, the Modernizing Animal Protections Act

June 16, 2016

In May 2016, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) sent a letter expressing support-in-principle for Bill C-246, the Modernizing Animal Protections Act, to each federal Member of Parliament (MP). (Read more)

CVMA is now requesting that you as a CVMA member and a veterinary professional stand alongside our association in demonstrating support for the bill by using the template below to draft a letter to your local MP.

As veterinarians, we are often the first professionals to examine an abused animal. Effective legislation is an important tool to help those who deal with abused animals, including humane societies and law enforcement agencies. There is overwhelming evidence of a direct link between animal abuse and violence towards people, especially family members—including children, spouses, and elders. Therefore, legislation that deals more effectively with cruelty to animals may help play a role in breaking the cycles of violence that occur in some communities. [Excerpt from the letter template]

As you may be aware, on June 9, 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled 6-1 that some acts of bestiality are legal in Canada and that only acts of penetration are punishable under our current animal cruelty provisions. Bill C-246 addresses this loophole as it includes a definition of bestiality (“sexual conduct between a person and an animal”).

Since 1998, CVMA has been involved in efforts to modernize and strengthen the Criminal Code to better protect animals. Some key areas of CVMA contribution include written input to the Justice Department’s consultation paper on Crimes Against Animals (December 1998), and oral presentations to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights (support of Bill C-15B, October 2001) and the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (objections to S-213, December 2006).

Below you will find a link to the letter template that you may wish to save and send as an e-mail or place in the mail. The postage of letters to your MP’s Parliament Hill office is free. We encourage you to also set up a meeting with your local MP to express your support in person.

The Need for Change is Now!

•    Letter template (when sending the letter, please include your postal code to ensure a response)
•    Find your local MP here or call 1-800-622-6232 to find his or her contact information.