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CVMA and Petcard® Partner to Offer Members a New CVMA Petcard Program

April 8, 2019

Petcard, Canada’s #1 veterinary financing company, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), are pleased to announce their partnership and the new CVMA Petcard Program.

The CVMA Petcard Program provides CVMA members with convenient and affordable financing options you can offer your clients to finance treatments or products for their pet needs. As part of our partnership agreement, CVMA members enjoy exclusive, special benefits, incentives, and rewards.

As a veterinarian, you focus on providing the best advice to your clients and care to your patients; but in today’s turbulent economic landscape, pet owners are often forced into decisions based on affordability, and not the best treatments available for their pet’s health.

With Petcard, you simply hand your clients the Petcard brochure or a telephone and Petcard will take care of the rest. Petcard allows your office the opportunity to focus on what really matters - your clients and their furry loved ones’ health and wellness.

For over 20 years, Petcard has been the leading Canadian choice among veterinarians and their clients for a simple reason; they understand your business. Petcard understands that running a practice is complicated and your staff has their hands full with everything from emergency cases to the day-to-day business management. That’s why Petcard designs its programs with one objective in mind - simplicity.

Petcard’s award-winning staff is recognized across the industry for providing excellent customer service. Your clients will be treated with dignity, respect and the understanding that people are more than just their credit scores. Petcard is the leader in innovating methodologies to increase approval rates and are dedicated to removing treatment barriers for your patients. Their focus on customer service comes from their deep understanding that your business relationship with clients is based entirely and irrevocably on trust.

Your clients can get the treatments their pets need with flexible repayment terms suiting any budget. The CVMA Petcard Program and its exclusive services and benefits are only available to Canadian veterinary practices owned in whole or in part by current CVMA members.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-689-9876.