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The 2017 Non-DVM Wage Reports are Now Available!

March 27, 2018

A priority program of the CVMA, the CVMA Business Management Program delivers practice management resources and veterinary economic surveys.The 2017 Non-DVM Wage Reports are now available. 

With regard to the 2017 Québec Non-DVM Wage Report, again this year the CVMA and the AMVQ partnered to share services and information. The 2017 Non DVM-Wage Report will be ready soon and is produced by the AMVQ and then generously shared with the CMVA according to the AMVQ/CVMA agreement for the delivery of the 2017 Québec Small Animal Practice Veterinarians Economic Survey. We will contact CVMA members in Quebec when the 2017 Non-DVM Wage Report is available online.

The CVMA acknowledges the collaboration of the provincial veterinary medical associations and is grateful to the program co-partners for their financial support of the Business Management Program.