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Nothing Compares to Attending the CVMA Emerging Leaders Program

February 13, 2018

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association will hold the 9th edition of the CVMA Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) at the 2018 CVMA Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sponsored by Virox Animal Health, the highly-interactive program helps Canadian veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians/technologists and veterinary leaders/managers to identify and develop leadership skills while building a leadership network within the profession.

The eight-hour workshop is held across two half days, Thursday, July 5 and Friday, July 6, and will be facilitated by Dr. Rick DeBowes, co-founder of the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience. Participants are also invited to attend some of CVMA’s signature events including the CVMA Summit and the CVMA AGM and Awards Luncheon.

“When it comes to developing leadership there’s a plethora of options out there. From reading books to watching videos but nothing compares with attending the Emerging Leaders Program. What separates the ELP from other leadership programs is Dr. Rick DeBowes. As Professor of Surgery and Director of the Professional Life Skills Program at Washington State University, he brings a unique and insightful approach to leadership within veterinary medicine. In just two days, Dr. DeBowes broke down the psychology behind low staff morale, burnout, imposture syndrome and financial challenges that plagues us as veterinarians. Not only does he shed light on these topics but provided the tools and steps to combat these issues on a daily basis. Since attending ELP, I’ve been able to institute his teachings in truly meaningful ways that not only improved my career as a veterinarian and a leader but in my personal life as well. Every veterinarian should invest in themselves by attending the Emerging Leaders Program.” - Dr. Brendon Laing, Pet Services Toronto

A full sponsorship to participate in the 2018 Emerging Leaders Program is open to all CVMA members who graduated within the last 10 years (2007 or later). Find out more here.

Applications must be sent to Sarah Cunningham at by March 23, 2018.