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Nothing Compares to Attending the CVMA Emerging Leaders Program!

July 11, 2019

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) will hold the 10th edition of its Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) at the 2019 joint Congress with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and the CVMA in Toronto, Ontario this month.

This highly interactive program helps Canadian veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians/technologists and veterinary leaders/managers to identify and develop leadership skills while building a leadership network within the profession.

Since its inception in 2010, 254 DVMs have participated in the program, and this year, with generous sponsorship from Virox Animal Health, the CVMA is thrilled to have the following sponsored participants attending in Toronto this month:

  • Dr. Graeme Boender, Alberta
  • Dr. Karen Choptain, Manitoba
  • Dr. Terry Goslin, Saskatchewan
  • Dr. Aoife Hand, New Brunswick
  • Dr. Ashley Harvey, Newfoundland
  • Dr. Jackie Henderson, Ontario
  • Ms. Kaitlin Johnson, Manitoba
  • Dr. Mira Kelada, New Brunswick
  • Dr. Jessica Lam, British Columbia
  • Dr. Albert Lee, Alberta
  • Dr. Jen MacLean, Prince Edward Island
  • Dr. Katherine Mitchell, Prince Edward Island
  • Dr. Krista Simonson, Nova Scotia
  • Dr. Stephanie Surveyer, Quebec
  • Dr. Melissa Tannahill-Pellegrin, British Columbia
  • Dr. Terra Wakeford, Ontario
  • Dr. Paige Wark, Saskatchewan

If you would like to see how this program can benefit you and your leadership skills, you can register for a low fee of $200 in conjunction with the 2019 WSAVA/CVMA Congress.

For program details and future Emerging Leaders Program dates, please visit:

Congratulations to all who were selected to attend the CVMA Emerging Leaders Program this year!