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NEWS RELEASE: What Pet Owners Want to Know about Ticks

March 1, 2018

The 2018 National Tick Awareness Month campaign takes its cue from pet owners' questions

OTTAWA, Ontario – March is National Tick Awareness Month (NTAM) in Canada. For the third consecutive year, veterinarians across the country will share timely information with pet owners aimed at increasing public awareness about ticks, where they are found, when they are active, and what can be done to protect pets against them.

Tick populations continue to grow in both range and numbers, fuelling pet owners' interest in finding out more about these parasites and the diseases they can transmit (like Lyme disease). Veterinarians' knowledge of parasite control and their patients’ specific needs places them in a unique position to help pet owners make sense of what they've been hearing, and understand the tick risks in their area.

Providing professional answers to pet owners' most frequently asked questions about ticks and tick control is the main focus of this year's NTAM campaign, which is once again being spearheaded by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), in partnership with Merck Animal Health.

"Our successful 2017 social media campaign has helped us see things from a pet owner's perspective," says Dr. Troye McPherson, CVMA president. "We’ve learned a lot by listening to pet owners, which has inspired us to build this year’s campaign around what they most want to know!”

The 2018 NTAM campaign features a number of pet-owner-friendly communication tools, including a series of short videos and social media content based on the theme "What do you really know about ticks?" for veterinary clinics to share with pet owners.  

One important fact pet owners should keep in mind is that, in many parts of Canada, tick activity begins when it’s 4°C outside and, depending on the tick species, can continue well into late fall and even during the winter. Since the best time to start protecting pets against ticks is before exposure, March is the ideal time for National Tick Awareness Month.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association urges pet owners to contact their veterinarian to find out more about ticks and about how they can protect their pets.

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