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OIE 2nd Rinderpest Challenge | 15 January - 12 February 2020

January 14, 2020



In the past, rinderpest caused the death of millions of animals all over the world, with terrible consequences on food security, rural livelihoods and economic losses. But thanks to decades of global efforts, in 2011 rinderpest became the second disease eradicated in the world, the first and only other being smallpox in humans. 

In the scope of maintaining global freedom and keeping the memory of Rinderpest alive, the OIE has launched an exhaustive campaign to be implemented in its 182 Member Countries, to ensure all actors are fully aware of rinderpest challenges. 

The keyword for this campaign is Vigilance. Because, only with the continuous vigilance of these key players, at local and national level, will we keep our world free from rinderpest.

The 2nd OIE Rinderpest challenge launches on Wednesday, January 15 and will be open for four weeks until 12 February, 2020.

The challenge is meant to disseminate the OIE Rinderpest serious game, which is intended to be used as a learning tool.

  • This is a fun way for vets, and students, to conduct differential diagnosis with diseases which enter in the differential diagnosis of Rinderpest.
  • The game also has a scenario intended for laboratory practitioners.

Download the game and play here:

You can also view the Rinderpest Challenge Newsletter in the language of your choice (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin).

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