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PNA Thanks Educational Sponsors and Alliance Member Organizations for their Generosity in 2017 and Shares Updates

March 7, 2018

The Pet Nutrition Alliance (PNA) thanks Educational Sponsors and Alliance Member Organizations for their generosity in 2017. Ongoing support of the Pet Nutrition Alliance furthered its mission of ensuring the veterinary community understands nutrition as an essential component of optimal pet health.

Both Member Organizations and Educational Sponsors are key players in veterinary nutrition and allow the PNA contact with virtually every level of the veterinary healthcare team. This level of exposure has allowed the PNA to deliver a clear and consistent message on the importance of nutrition as an essential element to optimal delivery of pet health services.

During 2017, PNA experienced a number of successes, including:

  • Relaunching its website with a focus on the nutrition calculators.
  • Streamlining content and putting each article through a rigorous review rubric that included a veterinary specialist, a veterinarian, and a veterinary technician.
  • Embracing international inclusion and diversity by teaming with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association to translate the online calculators into both Spanish and French.
  • Tremendous website growth.

Furthermore, the PNA Board of Directors approved a new, exciting collaboration with a highly respected product testing organization to analyze pet food and develop an authoritative and evidence-based resource to assist veterinary healthcare teams in making pet food recommendations.