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Revised WVA Policy Statement on Veterinary Statutory Body

March 7, 2018

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) recently released a revised policy statement on the Veterinary Statutory Body.


The primary roles of veterinarians include enhancing and ensuring animal health and welfare; and preventing, diagnosing, treating and controlling diseases. In addition, a wide range of services are required of veterinarians by the public surrounding the animal-human-environment interface. These activities provide for societal needs in food safety and security, biosecurity, prevention of zoonotic disease, preservation of biodiversity, and environmental protection, as well as other areas. Because of the critical importance of these activities, the public must be assured that veterinarians are well qualified. Veterinary Statutory Bodies serve this purpose by regulating veterinarians.


The World Veterinary Association holds that all veterinarians should be subject to the authority of the Veterinary Statutory Body, which is established under the law of the jurisdiction or territory within which they practice veterinary medicine. 

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