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Veterinarians Join in on a Month Long Celebration of Registered Veterinary Technicians and Technologists in Canada

October 1, 2018

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) celebrates RVT Month with the Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada (RVTTC) in October. From coast to coast, the national event celebrates that Registered Veterinary Technicians and Technologists (RVTs) are an integral part of the animal healthcare team.

This year’s RVT Month theme celebrates the many roles and possibilities that exist within the RVT career and the many ‘hats’ an RVT wears every day.

From anaesthesia to dentistry; lab animal research to industry sales; equine to avian and exotics; nutrition to radiology; large animal to shelter medicine—RVTs work alongside veterinarians across the country to provide animals with the highest quality of healthcare. RVTs are formally educated professionals who worked hard to gain their credential and deserve recognition for all they do. 

"The veterinary profession relies on the invaluable support of registered veterinary technologists/technicians who provide incredible service to clients and superior medical care to patients,” says CVMA President Dr. Terri Chotowetz. “This month is an opportunity to thank them for the support they give year long."

RVTTC teamed up with the provincial RVT associations (BCVTA, ABVTA, SAVT, MVTA, OAVT, EVTA) to promote, celebrate and recognize RVTs throughout the month of October.

To encourage clinics and workplaces across the country to get involved in the celebrations, RVT Month Kits have been created and made available through these provincial RVT associations in either physical or electronic form. Physical kits contain posters, sticky notes, window clings, bracelets and dentistry education postcards. Electronic kits contain PDFs of all print materials, as well as computer backgrounds and profile and cover photos for Facebook and Twitter.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how clinics and other workplaces get involved with celebrating their RVTs throughout RVT Month this October,” says RVTTC President Heather Shannon, RVT, Member of the British Columbia Veterinary Technologists Association. “We are grateful for the teamwork and collaboration between the provincial associations to make this a national event!”

To inquire about kits or to find out promotion initiatives planned throughout the month of October, visit

Share your activities and highlight your team! We want to see your team celebrating #RVTMonth!