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Watch Dr. Temple Grandin’s Keynote Lecture at Annual Students of the CVMA Symposium

April 6, 2017

Dr. Temple Grandin addressed 200 Canadian veterinary students with her keynote lecture, “Animal Behaviour; Understanding How Animals Talk and Feel,” at the annual Students of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) Symposium, hosted this year by the University of Calgary – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM).

Dr. Temple Grandin, Animal Science professor at Colorado State University, designed livestock handling facilities world-wide. Almost half of North American cattle are handled in meat plants with Dr. Grandin’s centre track restrainer system. Her cattle-curved chute and race systems are used internationally; both significantly improving animal welfare.  Many corporations also use Dr. Grandin’s objective scoring system for assessing cattle and pig handling at meat plants, and her writings on the flight zone, the area around an animal that triggers alarm or escape behaviour if invaded by a potential threat, and other grazing animal behavior principles have helped many people reduce their animal’s stress during handling

Dr. Grandin has been featured on countless television shows and in many prominent magazines and newspapers; including Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people issue in 2010. Dr. Grandin’s interviews have been broadcast on National Public Radio and she has a TED Talks Lecture titled "The World Needs ALL Kinds of Minds." Dr. Grandin wrote over 400 articles on animal handling, welfare and facility design and authored seven books including "Animals in Translation" and "Animals Make Us Human," which made the New York Times best-seller list. HBO also made an Emmy and Golden Globe winning biopic showing her teenage life and career start, titled "Temple Grandin,” starring Claire Danes.

The exclusive, annual SCVMA Symposium is organized by veterinary students for students enrolled in one of Canada’s five veterinary colleges and is a valuable opportunity for students to view Canada’s diverse veterinary profession while learning and networking with future Canadian colleagues.

Watch the video of Dr. Grandin’s lecture on CVMA’s YouTube channel: