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The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is Pleased to Share its Revised Canadian Veterinary Oath (2018)

May 8, 2018

The updated version of the Oath is not substantively different from the 2004 version, with a few exceptions. Our role in animal suffering has been expanded, recognizing the role of the veterinary profession in animal welfare. “Practice my profession” has been amended to “perform my professional duties”, which we believe is more inclusive of our obligations. We have also adapted the name to “The Canadian Veterinary Oath” rather than the ‘’Veterinarian’s Oath’’, allowing it to be used in a wider context, including our RVT colleagues who are widely accepted as being members of the veterinary profession.

The Oath has been in common use at convocation ceremonies at Canadian veterinary schools, and we are happy to be part of the process of seeing this tradition continue.  

The CVMA would like to thank Drs. Karol Mathews, Karen Machin and Duane Landals for their contribution to the development of the revised version of the Canadian Veterinary Oath.