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Calling All Members: Volunteers Sought for CVMA’s Animal Welfare and National Issues Committees

November 5, 2018

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is seeking volunteer members to fill three positions: two on its Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) and one on its National Issues Committee (NIC).

For the AWC, preference will be given to those who have had extensive experience in either food animal practice (one position) or companion animal practice (one position).

For the NIC, preference will be given to an individual with extensive experience in either companion animal practice or mixed practice.

Successful committee members should be prepared to serve for a minimum of three years. The CVMA Council appoints or re-appoints committee members annually.

All CVMA Committees meet in person annually during the CVMA Committee Weekend usually held in March in Ottawa. Travel and accommodation for meetings are organized and paid for by the CVMA. Committee teleconferences are held quarterly or on an ad hoc basis to address specific issues as they arise. Ongoing communications are conducted via email and the CVMA WIKI.

Veterinarians on the AWC must have a keen interest in animal welfare-related issues and be willing and able to actively contribute to the vision, mission and priorities of the CVMA (, and the mandate of the AWC (

Animal welfare advocacy is a priority of the CVMA. Through its AWC, the CVMA concentrates its efforts on developing or contributing to science-based guidelines, standards and position statements that address the welfare, humane treatment, and care of animals.

AWC Committee members will have the opportunity to lead and/or participate in sub-committees and working groups tasked with matters such as identifying animal welfare issues of concern, developing CVMA animal welfare position statements, providing input to outside government and non-governmental organizations, collaborating with stakeholder groups and contributing to CVMA communication initiatives.

The successful NIC candidate should have a keen interest in veterinary-related issues at the national level and be willing to contribute to the mission and priorities of the CVMA (, and the mandate of the NIC (

As an NIC member, the candidate should expect to contribute to NIC activities such as: leading and/or participating in working groups tasked with developing CVMA general position statements; contributing to the development of practice tools and guidelines (e.g., Antimicrobial SmartVet); and supporting advocacy efforts across a range of national issues (e.g., antimicrobial stewardship, pharmaceutical regulatory issues, etc.)

Want to Get Involved?

CVMA members who are interested and wish to let their name stand for nomination are invited to download a CVMA Volunteer Form and return it to the CVMA by November 23, 2018.

Please send the completed form to:
Ms. Diane Seguin
dseguin@cvma-acmv.orgTel: 613-236-1162 or 1-800 567-2862 ext. 130
Fax: 613-236-9681

CVMA members who would like more information are invited to contact:
Dr. Shane Renwick, CVMA Manager, Animal Welfare and National Issues Committees
Tel: 613-236-1162 or 1-800-567-2862 ext. 112