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CVMA Webstore: A Powerful Customer Service Tool for Your Practice

May 31, 2017

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is pleased to offer its members the CVMA Webstore (MyVetStore), the ultimate customer service tool.

The Internet and mobile computing have changed the world, the way we communicate and how we buy things. Ever evolving, competitors are leveraging new technology to offer customers a higher level of convenience, service, and increased communications. For veterinary practices, this has resulted in clients switching from veterinarian-recommended diets to more convenient retail locations to acquire diets, potentially affecting their pet’s health. Medications are also easier to purchase outside the veterinary practice and this trend will continue as more retailers enter the market.

You should not fear or fight this new Internet era. In fact, for your practice’s future success, you need to embrace the Internet as a tool to leverage and enhance your practice offerings. The CVMA and Acumenex teamed up to make this transition as easy as possible for your practice by offering a web store initiative for CVMA members, enabling your practice to quickly integrate this capability.

With your own customized clinic web store, you can offer your clients benefits such as:

1. Improved pet health: Convenient refill reminders, 24/7 access, express pick-up, auto-ship and home delivery (where allowed and available) dramatically improve medication and diet compliance.

2. Improved client order pick-up experience: Clients conveniently order anywhere, anytime and will have the order waiting and paid for when they come in. No more phone calls or the product not being in stock.

3. Increased product selection: Clients shop at other retailers to pick up products you may not carry, such as cat litter, toys and treats. This forces them to shop elsewhere increasing the likelihood they may switch diets. Now you can enhance your product offering without the cost of carrying inventory.

4. Automated wellness plans: Administering wellness or financing plans is integrated into your web store program, greatly reducing the staff workload associated with these plans. (Note: This service is available without the full web store capability.)

5. Enhanced client communications: Automatic refill reminders, e-mails and seasonal communications improve your client relationship.

6. Growing your practice’s bottom line: Encouraging clients to set up AutoOrder has been proven to be effective in improving product compliance and supplying all your clients’ pet needs. A recent comparison of clients who purchased food through consecutive trips to a clinic to those who set up an AutoOrder revealed that clients were twice as likely to continue to order food through an AutoOrder than they were to drop by a clinic to pick it up. The MyVetStore program is successful in Canada with over 300 practices currently active and quickly growing.

In summary:

1. Only your registered clients can access your web store.

2. The web store is branded to your practice, including all e-mails.

3. You control available products, pricing and prescriptions.

4. All sales proceeds go directly into your account.

5. Prices are automatically updated based on your markup over cost.

6. Unlimited training and support and future software updates included.

The CVMA Webstore is available to practices owned in whole or in part by CVMA members. The CVMA has negotiated favorable financial terms for members wishing to establish their own web store. To learn more about the CVMA Webstore, contact Acumenex at (, 1-877-788-5028 or ( You can also contact the CVMA office. The CVMA Webstore is configured to meet the respective provincial regulations and guidelines. For questions or concerns regarding compliance, consult your provincial veterinary regulatory authority