CVMA | Building a Safe and Humane Community

Building a Safe and Humane Community

Addressing the root causes of violence against animals and people in our communities requires building collaborations that include child and animal protection agencies, domestic violence agencies, police forces and veterinarians. Together we can make a difference.

Both as a profession and individually, veterinarians should encourage the development of violence prevention coalitions, including support for cross-training of workers. In some jurisdictions, if an SPCA inspector investigates a case of animal cruelty and there are children in the home, they will automatically notify child protection workers who will also investigate, and vice versa.

As individual veterinarians, we can play a role in the following ways:

And finally, as veterinarians, we must address individual cases of suspected animal abuse effectively. By directly addressing problems of abuse or neglect that we see in our practices, we can help animals and their families, and be part of the solution to the problems of violence in our communities.